Family Violence Intervention Program (FVIP) is a 26-week program certified by the Georgia Commission on Family Violence. The program is often required by the court following a charge and/or a conviction for violation of the Family Violence Act. The intervention targets beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors that support the subjectification, manipulation, and abuse (e.g., physical, emotional, financial, etc.) of a member of one group (e.g., females) by a member of another group (e.g., males). Victim safety and participant accountability are maintained as top priorities. The program works closely with Harmony House Inc to assist in the protection of victims and to elicit feedback on program content and effectiveness. The Duluth Model – Domestic Abuse Intervention Program (DAIP), Men Stopping Violence, and Men’s Work are curriculums included in Counseling Services program content.

The Counseling Services Batterers Intervention Program participates in a coordinated community response to eliminate the occurrence of family violence. Persons intending to enroll will need to schedule an intake appointment and are required to bring a copy of the incident report (from the LaGrange Police department or Troup County Sheriff’s office) and a copy of the Final Disposition (from the court) to the intake appointment. The intake appointment typically requires 60-90 minutes and cost $65.00 (non-refundable). The 90-minute group sessions occur once a week for 26 weeks and cost $40.00 per session. Gender specific (e.g., all male or all female) sessions are available.